Our goal is to help students develop confidence not only in sport but in all aspects of their lives; through the value of participation and the growing self-belief and self-esteem from both personal and team based achievments. We work with schools and outside providers to ensure that every single student develops their full potential.

We have extensive experience in organising and running events and camps. Our team has experience of running professional sporting events with over 8,500 people attending, amateur sports competitions with over 1000 participants and high profile football camps for Thai Premier League clubs and their academies. Our team has also worked professionally with English Premier League Clubs sourcing players.

We run camps, clubs and academies for some of the largest schools groups in Asia as well as delivering fully internationally recognised qualifications and continuing professional development courses for international school teachers from around the world.

Our services include:

  • After School Clubs
  • Weekend Activities
  • School Holiday Camps
  • Nursery and Pre-School Sports Programmes
  • School Sports Programmes
  • Full assessment/attainment tartgets for all children
  • Professional development for teachers and staff
  • Increased activity levels for all pupils
  • Effective management and monitoring of students
  • Health Weeks
  • Inter-School and Intra-School competitions
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • VIP School visits
  • Celebrity Guests for events and awards



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