GIRL POWER: The Endeavours of EPA and the West Ham United Foundation to Empower Girls in Thailand


There's no denying the worldwide popularity of football; it delivers tons of happiness and joy to both professional and grassroots players, as well as more than 3 billion people watching around the globe. Football is not just popular among men, but women are also avid fans and players. Look at the West Ham United Women's Team. You will find a squad of highly talented players from ten nationalities who have inspired thousands and given hope to the sport in regions where it is not so popular among women.

Earlier this year, West Ham United celebrated international women's day. Chris Cronin, the Head Coach of the Women's & Girls Performance Academy, commented that the sport had gained mass traction among women over the past few years. Different West Ham United Foundation initiatives have provided support and coaching to girls as young as eight years old to follow their passion for becoming pro footballers.

The player pathway program provides opportunities to young girls in the age group of 8-16 of all abilities. Then there's the Premier League Kicks program that works with young girls and boys aged between 8-18 in high-need areas. The efforts of the West Ham United Foundation have empowered girls and allowed them to become more involved in football. By overcoming the social challenges that stand between them and football, the girls have reportedly expressed increased happiness. One of the participants reported that she had made new friends while partaking in her favourite sport. It was the best time she had had in a while.

Additionally, the foundation also offers two degrees in partnership with the University of East London. This provides the selected individuals with an excellent opportunity to start their sporting career along with a chance to work in a Premier League Club. This has resulted in a number of notable alumni that keep on serving as a source of inspiration for girls looking to pursue a full-time professional career in football.

EPA provides opportunities and pathways into professional sport and academic scholarships for children in South East Asia.

EPA is launching a football club that will target South-East Asia. The new football team called SEALs (South East Asia Lionesses) will provide opportunities to young girls with a passion and skill for football. In addition, the partnership between EPA and the West Ham United Foundation will significantly aid in the cause of recruiting young girls into football training with ample opportunities to make it into Elite Sports or high-paying Educational Scholarships.

The above mentions the long-term goals of EPA and the West Ham United Foundation in South-East Asia; the program will be based in Bangkok and will focus on Thailand in the short term. As a result, the landscape of women's football in Thailand may very well be changed as more women and young girls will have better opportunities to partake in football training regardless of their financial situation and the chance to go pro in the long run.

EPA will create an opportunity for parents who would like their children to be a little more outgoing, make friends, and develop their social confidence. Some physical activity after a long period of staying indoors is good for the physical and mental health of the children.

There are opportunities for businesses that would like to support this innovative and beneficial cause. Women's football in Thailand may not currently have the profile it deserves, but with the combined efforts of EPA and the West Ham United Foundation, football for women in Thailand may about to take a turn for the better.

It is a project with limitless potential to create pathways into education and elite sport that can revolutionise the benefits and opportunities for youth football in South-East Asia, and women's football in Thailand may be the first to undergo and experience its effects first-hand.

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